The umbrella term “Automotive” has a vast and widely varying array of businesses that fall under this category. Everything from auto manufacturing, car dealerships, motor vehicle repairs, body shops, routine service and maintenance providers, electronic vehicle (EV) vendors and even aftermarket car part manufacturers and providers are included. If you have a moving vehicle, then this industry is there providing every component that is needed in order to keep you on the move and your means of transportation in perfect running order. Automotive businesses employ engineers, accountants, all levels of management, mechanics, administrative staff, sales professionals and general laborers. The entire industry plays an integral part of the world we live in.

Operating an automotive business requires varied levels of skill and involvement. The top of the industry is run by large multi-national original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and government oversight. Automotive engineering firms require specialized staff, equipment and facilities. Body and mechanic shops require large garage setups to accommodate vehicle housing tools and equipment. Dealerships need large lots to accommodate inventory and trained employees to handle finance, sales and customer service. Every aspect of the industry is managed by on premise software or software as a service (SaaS) systems to ensure organized operations and to handle accounting and billing.  

Payment Integrator has a simple and seamless single source payment processing solution for every facet of the automotive industry. This includes online invoicing as well as in person contactless enabled payment devices. Our devices have the ability to accept e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple pay as all major credit cards, debit cards and fleet cards. We tokenize your payments so that accounting operations can create customer profiles and schedule payments and payment plans. All of our integrated payment solutions are tokenized and PCI compliant.

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