Aquarium Store Payments


Aquarium or fish stores are shops that sell all sorts of fish and the equipment to house them. At an Aquarium Store you can buy all types of fresh and saltwater fish along with accessories like aquariums, gravel, coral and habitat decorations, water pumps, fish food, and much more. These specialty pet stores offer items to scale from the cutest little pebbles for your fishbowl to the filter you may need for a large-scale saltwater aquarium. Of course, they’ll also be equipped with all sorts of exotic pet fish that you might want. There are usually hundreds of different kinds of fish available at these stores. It takes a lot of love and energy to maintain an aquarium store, and most operators open these stores out of a passion aquatic life. Many stores will offer aquarium management services so that customer aquarium setups can be professionally maintained for a fee. The entire process might sound simple like hatching your fish, feeding them, and then selling them at the correct age, but that is far from the truth because a lot of dedication and preparation is needed to operate these types of businesses.

Operating an aquarium store requires special attention because most stores deal in live animals as well as the equipment that allows them to live in a house or office environment. Fish and other aquatic animals are sometimes bred in house but often come shipped in from wholesale suppliers. Live stock requires care and must be fed regularly and kept in optimal conditions. Aquariums, hardware, maintenance supplies and decorative materials that enthusiasts purchase need to be accounted for with an inventory management system. These systems are typically run by an on-premise point of sale software system or a cloud-based software as a service system (SaaS). While handling inventory and sales they have the ability to quickly present bills and invoices so that customers can pay for goods and services.

Payment Integrator has the ability to integrate payment presentment directly with aquarium store management systems. Our PCI Compliant environment comes equipped with P2PE security and the ability to accept e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Text to pay, email to pay, tap to pay, dip to pay and swipe to pay options give stores a frictionless customer payment experience. Subscription payment plans are perfect for aquarium management services and they can be setup and managed easily with customer payment profiles.

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