The apparel industry sells clothing, shoes, garments, and fashion accessories. These businesses range from large chain department store companies, small single location stores, and online drop shipping enterprises. Entering the apparel industry requires one part industry knowledge, one part fashion sense and another part business savvy. Professionals who enter this space need to understand their customer preference, price point and how to reach them. Many apparel businesses operate under national brands like lululemon, Ralph Lauren and Gap but family owned and operated single location and multi-location apparel businesses thrive in communities and online all over the world.

Traditional apparel companies rely on an in-person business model that is highly dependent on location. In this location-based model they traditionally sell direct or through third party retailers. Although location is still key to a successful apparel business, many operators increase their client base by offering online sales, giving their customers the option of coming into the store or having their order delivered to their home. This click and mortar approach allows for apparel payments to occur all over the world while being able to quickly service a community and maintain a regional character. The consumer direct online model offers apparel producers the ability to ship direct and save on logistics and other expenses involved in managing retail stores and selling through third parties. Since retail businesses have a variety of sales distribution capabilities, they are best suited utilizing an on-premise software or a software as a service platform (SaaS) to keep track of inventory and operations both in store and online.

Payment Integrator has direct integrations into the most agile point of sale platforms in the apparel space. Our solutions come equipped with a variety of P2PE secure credit card processing terminals, and the ability to accept e-wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay for all apparel payments. Our unique tokenization gives apparel businesses an edge with the ability to create customer profiles for future loyalty and future purchases in store and online.

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