Amusement Park Payments


Amusement parks have thrill rides like roller coasters, bumper boats and bumper cars, water rides, and gentler rides like Ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds for children or the elderly. Parks like these are recreational places where people venture on their days off to enjoy themselves and spend time with family and friends. Amusement Parks first popped up in the Middle Ages in Europe and since then they have become popular places for people to have fun. They were originally referred to as fairy gardens and pleasure gardens. These days amusement parks are also known as theme parks and they typically offer death-defying rides, games, brilliant photo opportunities which Instagrammers love, and an all-around enjoyable time for everyone. Thrill rides aren’t the only things at amusement parks. You can also enjoy all sorts of street foods from various stalls.  Cotton candy, slushies, elephant ears, peanuts, hot dogs, and hamburgers are traditional fare. Many amusement parks have a specific theme that they will follow. Visitors may feel like they’re walking into a kingdom or a studio or a garden.

Most often visitors have to purchase tickets for entry into the amusement park, and these transactions can be made using a variety of payment intake methods. These days cash accounts for a small number of receipts for food and ticket sales. Because of the elevated use of credit, debit, and other contactless and cashless payment forms with electronic wallets such as Apple or Google Pay, park operators need to give their patrons options. Payment Integrator has several payment solutions for all aspects of any amusement or theme park. 

Once you select the perfect payment acceptance solution for your theme park operation Payment Integrator will assist you in setting up all point of sale devices. When your solution is implemented, your customers will be able to pay for their experiences fast both online and in person. 

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