Allergists treat their patients for asthma and immunological reactions from an array of irritants. Things like dust, pollen, mold, stings or bites, and most infamously, food like peanuts or shellfish can cause debilitating and sometimes deadly reactions in patients. An allergists intervention to a suffering patient can be life changing. Allergists can identify and diagnose with the use of skin tests and treatment is typically achieved with antihistamines and the use of allergy shots. Allergy shots build up a resistance in patients and with familiarity the immune system reduces its response to allergens. Certain cases can be very hard to diagnose, and so hospitals regularly call on allergists to diagnose patients experiencing emergent reactions.

Typical ailments Allergists treat include: 

  • Drug Allergy 
  • Food Allergy 
  • Insect Allergy 
  • Latex Allergy 
  • Mold Allergy 
  • Pet Allergy 
  • Pollen Allergy  

Allergists are specialists who often operate in private practice and have an affiliation with a hospital. These practitioners are typically tasked with setting up their own electronic medical records system (EMR), medical insurance billing team and payments acceptance platform. If you’re an allergist opening up or operating your own clinic you’ll be best equipped with a modern payment solution that has the ability to handle insurance billing and then and also present medical bills for co payment and out of pocket cost to patients. 

We can help you set up an integrated payment solution that best suits your medical practice. Our payment acceptance platform simplifies back office medical billing. With Payment Integrator’s help, your patients will be able to make payments using methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and electronic wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. Our frictionless P2PE PCI compliant environment enables text to pay, tap to pay, dip to pay and swipe to pay. Our hosted payment page (HPP) allows for practice branded payment links which reduce time in medical practice payment collections.

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